Building Up to a Handstand<br>Juan Nieto<br>Tutorial 2870

Building Up to a Handstand
Juan Nieto
Tutorial 2870

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Great tutorial! Thank you.
Muy buena secuencia metodológica. Muy precisas las explicaciones .
Thank you Juan! Handstand is one of my favourite (but not practiced enough position.
And those tips to keep our wrists safe are really useful. See you soon.
Absolutely love this Juan - thank you! I think this may just be my new year's challenge :)
Love the explanation...Thank you!
Thank you Juan. It was very well deiveloped from the beginning to the end and Also challenging. Great tutorial!!!
Un Saludo desde Fuerteventura.
Handstand is so challanging and scary for me and I am not able to do it . This tutorial is helpful . Thank you Juan !
I am looking forward to using these strategies to build up to my first handstand in the coming months. Thank you so much Juan for your clarity and logical strategy. It seems so much less intimidating now!
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I wasn't even thinking about mastering a handstand, now its my new mission :) loved it
Great tutorial on progressing to handstands. A rather scary exercise that I am now seeing as possible. I would love to hear about the split pedal exercises you referred to at the very end.
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