Strong and Athletic Mat<br>John Garey<br>Class 2874

Strong and Athletic Mat
John Garey
Class 2874

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Great challenging class! Exactly what I needed today. I'll definitely try more of your classes.
John, you are my all time favourite! Happy New Year x
Seriously..John.. You are THE BEST!! Amazing workout..and you make me laugh too :) Love the roll down to single leg push up and up to a standing balance! Phew.. doesn't get more functional than that. Awesome job. Kisses from Australia xxx
that was amazing!
Donna S.
I met you about 17 years ago when you co-taught an anatomy class in California. I've seen you at ECA, Stott workshops and enjoyed your powerful Pilates through the years. Thank you for your positivity & expertise. Donna - Dallas
Yes, by deliberate I think you mean accelerated. Great energy and sense of humor, thank you!
Perfect class! Fun and challenging
Wow!!! I ABSOLUTELY loved this class!! Challenging and the flow between exercises was awesome. Thank you so much!
Outstanding class! I love the quick movement and your energy! So challenging and yet so much fun! Thank you! I look forward to your next class!
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