Strong and Athletic Mat<br>John Garey<br>Class 2874

Strong and Athletic Mat
John Garey
Class 2874

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Lina S
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Thank you for this fun and challenging class!
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Creative, upbeat and challenging. Don't think that "deliberate" means slow or that a lot of time is spent on explanation or set up. John keeps it MOVING! He's a multi tasker talking and exercising.
I love this man !!
I just love your positiv energi .
Love from norway
Loooooooved it!
John's classes are full of energy and challenges. I always look forward to them.
The "Jacknife-Teaser" combination felt great... as did the rest of the class:)
Love from Shanghai
'interesting' jack-knife/teaser combo-I didn't realise that was possible! Thanks John for a great workout, already looking forward to your next video. x
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Excellent workout! Loved the half-moon side-lying with the circle.
Thanks John!!! Great class, full of energy aaand yes it burned!!! :)
I always love the energy John Garey brings in his classes. This workout was fun and challenging at the same time!
Great class loved it and just what I needed this morning 😊
Enjoyed this challenging and fast-moving class! Thank you!
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