Wunda Chair Spirals<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 2878

Wunda Chair Spirals
Jennifer Golden
Class 2878

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SUCH a fun flow and a great challenge. Thank you
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Fun Jen! Feels dancey and massagey ??
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That wasn't a question. Feels great !
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Great class. I liked the sequence of the lessons. I think it would be better if it were slower. Thank you
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Love this class great cues lovely flow, thank you Jennifer!
You are a rockstar! Awesome instruction and choreography....a really fresh approach to pilates! THANK YOU!!!
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Brilliant, Jen! Loved this class—especially the swan variations. It feels great to let the spine ripple like that!
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Hi Jennifer, I'm relatively new to the Wunda Chair and I loved your class! I especially enjoyed all the spinal articulations.
In the middle of the class when we are supine with the legs lifted you mentioned that it was a good exercise for correcting 'popping' hips. Could you please elaborate? It felt really good (my hips sometimes 'pops') and I'm just interested in the mechanics behind it. Many thanks!
Lovely workout, a techniqual note, the audio track does not match the video
Joanne ~ I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the class! When we checked the class, the audio and video matched. I recommend trying a lower video quality as the internet connection may have caused a streaming issue. I hope this helps!
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