Wunda Chair Spirals<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 2878

Wunda Chair Spirals
Jennifer Golden
Class 2878

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Great class! Very creative and love the twists 😊
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I love your classes. My spine feels so good! Thanks so muchI
Gerri M
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Love the hand stands I've never done that before and it was super challenging and super fun thank you for the challenge!
Hi Cecilie, I'm so sorry I must've missed your question earlier. Let me elaborate:
The particular position was working on an eccentric (contraction during lengthening) of the deep hip flexors (psoas) along with the spinal extensors to balance- since the arms are holding overhead. When we activate those deep core support muscles in balance, we can often create enough stability in the pelvis that we can explore our own unique range of circumduction in the hip without the misalignment that leads to the "popping".
It certainly is hard to explain in writing, I guess, but I'd love to hear if you've been practicing that exercise and if you've seen improvement or deeper understanding of your hips? Maybe that can be my next anatomy tutorial!!
I have enjoyed every minute of this class ! Thank you
Great variations, really nice flow. I did the entire class on same spring tension.
Sabine G
I love the wavy transitioning, especially in the beginning of the class! It was challenging and I will do this class again =)
Jennifer, these were such fun, flowing sequences with very few spring changes. Enjoyed the flow so much that I forgot to hate the chair. Thanks so much for your creativity.
Love Jen and her amazing approach to Pilates! Miss her every day and am glad to be able to continue to study with her via Pilates Anytime.
I just loved this class. the flow ,the presentation, and the wonderful manner of this superb instructor Jennifer. 
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