Brett's Morning Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 2886

Brett's Morning Mat
Brett Howard
Class 2886

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That was lovely, thank you very much. Good start of the day.
Really enjoyed this and will have as my morning routine routine for a few weeks. I tend to do the exercises I like and not what I need??
I find Teaser difficult especially in the mornings, any suggestions? Thank you??
I like very much I`m sure I will do it many morning evening and night I love the fluidity.
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I really like the way you bring this class! Nice easy cueing nothing more information than necessary, lovely flow quick transitions nice choice of movements, it just works! Feeling good thank you!
Thanks, Brett....great class!
Loved this class thank you so much Brett! I am going to do it every day for a month!
I feel great after doing that this morning, thank you. Great flow!
Taghrid K
Awesome morning medicine, I loved the flow and different modifications as to how the body is feeling. Thank you Brett.
Patty Hafen
Love it! Short and sweet, but still intense and flowing. Thank you Brett.
Absolutely love it! Thank you Brett.
Simple and precise cues, focused, quick yet full body and very mindful. I will be back for more!
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