Detailed Reformer Breakdown<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 2893

Detailed Reformer Breakdown
Dana Santi
Class 2893

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So I just watched your tutorial on Teaser. Very helpful. Thank you.
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@Sarah Woolgar...glad you found the tutorial. It is more abs for sure. Sometimes when we are too high up we tend to shorten the back, putting the work in the wrong place.
The feet, you want to look at them as an even playing field. You don't want the foot to point too hard or flex too hard. You want there to be a little energy in the ball of the foot and the same amount of energy coming out the heel. Sometimes our tendency is to point the foot real hard and we lose any connection we have through the back of the leg and through the heel. The hard part is finding equality through every exercise all the time. I hope this makes sense.
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Dana so sad I didn't train with you when I lived in Hinsdale!
Dana so sad I didn't train with you when I lived in Hinsdale!
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