Detailed Reformer Breakdown<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 2893

Detailed Reformer Breakdown
Dana Santi
Class 2893

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I Love the precise movements and the attention to detail! its perfect for helping me to be a better teacher.
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Great loved your teaching cues ..will really help me me with my own clients Jules

Ingrid J
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Great cues! We all need a facelift in these movements now and again! I found so many new "muscles" in backrowing and shortbox! Thank you snd more please!
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My nemesis - front and back rowing. Brilliant cuing and detailed corrections. I might finally have gotten these!
Glad you ladies enjoyed...nothing like a little spring clean up!
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Great information Dana...thanks for sharing!
Thanks Anthony!
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this class is to watch not to exercise along with. I couldĀ“t see what you mean with "this" , when you say "give me this", or "pull in this". May be if you would explain in-between what your goal is and why you demand a certain position it would have been to our advantage as viewers. I also disliked the military-like commands.. I guess I am more the "effort-with-ease" Person! Your two clients looked compressed in their neck and head position many times and the breathing was not flowing.. sorry for the critic! - I think you aim right but it is not clear and it seems forced.
@silke - thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. Not all teachers styles and personalities are alike and that is a good thing! Again, thank you and no apology needed.
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I loved the clean up of these exercises. Thank you for breaking them down. Can you tell me what you mean by "heavy in the foot"( front or back) and how that relates to correct engagement? Also, why did you drop her back in the teaser? More abs, less legs? I always feel so precarious in the teaser and I'm wondering if this will help?
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