Dynamic Side Body Flow<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 2895

Dynamic Side Body Flow
Carrie Pages
Class 2895

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There was so much good energy in this class Carrie!

Cues that I LOVED:

- nose up against the wall (Series of 5)
- move your pelvis instead of your head (Teasers)

And those Teasers ... actually fun and exhilarating!

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Outstanding class! Loved the challenges and the fast paced movements. Thanks so much, Carrie.
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Yes great class and great energy. Thanks!
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Great class, love the abs to move the legs cues. Feeling taller after this class. Inspirational!
Thanks everyone so very much for your feedback and kind comments. It has been such a boost for me to hear from all of you!
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Loved this class Carrie, super fun flow! I'll be feeling it later :)
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Cues are always fantastic from Carrie Pages. Always ahead, always balanced and always fun!
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This was my first class ever with Pilates Anytime and I loved it! Feeling everything working and I have an amazing posture! Thanks!
Loved your class...I watched it before my mat class today and felt so inspired and even more confident in my cueing. I taught your variation of mermaid and everyone loved it. I want to see more of your classes on pilatesanytime!!!
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