Seated Towel Workout<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 2903

Seated Towel Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2903

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We need more classes like this! Thanks 🙏
Cynthia G
Love this class.  So much to learn in the tips given. Thanks
Cynthia . . . thank you for this! I have continued to teach the stool class on Fridays. I am now Zooming them. I find the stabilization of the pelvis is important as we sit often in our everyday.
Hands down the most inventive class - thank you Ken
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Patti . . . thank you! I continue to teach a Stool Class on Fridays. The students are thrilled with the sense of anchoring the pelvis to articulate more spine movement.

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I am taking every class you have posted (that i have the equipment for)  I particularly like that i get more twist out of my upper back in a seated position.  You make a lot of fun quips during your class, and I laugh a lot during the workout.   Thanks Ken:) 
Cynthia G
So great to revisit.  Enjoyed. Thanks
Cynthia . . . thank you! I teach a "stool" class every Friday; I love watching evolve.

Thank you for offering this riff on the Fletcher Method that is targeted towards those who may need to stay seated. I had looked at this and used a little of it a couple of years ago, and went back to it this week. The rhythmic, percussive style is fun and invigorating as well as a good core workout. It also translates well to being seated on a large spine ball, which offers freedom of arm movement of the arms, like the stool, and a little more instability challenge for the pelvis and sides.  I use some of this as a warmup for my student who don’t have significant disabilities as well as part of the workout for my  seniors who are challenged to stay balanced.
Rosalie . . . I appreciate your comments. My intention in this class format is to create functional variations to the classic work as well as the Fletcher disciplines. This class evolved from the standing work with the towel when one of my students could not stand on her knee for long periods of time. A stool was in the classroom; I invited her to sit. During the class I was intrigued with her responses to movement while her pelvis was stabilized. The format has evolved and will continue to support all of my students in creating further functional potential. Thank you.
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