Proprioception Mat<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 2904

Proprioception Mat
Ken Gilbert
Class 2904

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I really like the rock to one side/sitz bone exercise and the spiralling exercise after it. Thank you, I will incorporate these ideas in my classes
Pieta . . . thank you for letting me know! I appreciate any feedback, especially when there is an application of the work that I offer . . .
The best workout to start the day... Thank you Ken Gilbert . I really enjoyed it.
Mary . . . I am excited to hear that the workout works for you! Thank you . . .
Cynthia G
that was great after a day of sitting
I did this class in conjunction with Ken's 30 minute standing class. I don't roll-down very well, especially in the diamond position. So I added 5lb leg weights which worked for me. I love Ken's Classes and I wish there were a gazillion more of them.  Thanks Ken:) 
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Gary . . . I'm curious . . . how long have you practiced Pilates? The rolldown (for men) is challenging at the onset of the work (men are chest heavy) and the mid-back is usually tight. With practice you will be able to find the rollup in diamond. A way to "cheat" without the 5#weights is to touch your outer thigh with your middle finder, hug the back of your ribcage by widening the shoulder blades (an image . . . as you rollup imagine someone is pulling on the outer tip of you shoulder blades; keeping your arms in the rounded position over your chest). Also with practice you will tame your psoas as a stabilizer rather than a mover. Once you get more movement in your spine all of this will change.
Thanks Again Ken:) 
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Gary . . . I would love to have a conversation with you - phone, Facetime or Zoom - about your connection to the work that I teach! I have been asked by one of the PA Staff to address Pilates and men. Your comments would support me in reaching other men.
Looks and sounds deceptively easy. That is definately not the case! Excellent - love it.
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