Reformer for Basketball<br>Troy McCarty<br>Class 2914

Reformer for Basketball
Troy McCarty
Class 2914

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When a calf stretch is a Cav stretch!
Thanks Troy, your classes are always great, with lots of information.
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Thanks for a great baller challenging and caring class! I would like to know a little bit more, how you have resolved the challenges of the long back and arms vs. the size of the carriage. How do you place the arms when laying on the back as hands most likely will be hanging over the edge? And do you find that your clients can easily find good support for the pelvis as backs can be very long. Of course reformers are variously adjustable, but I would appreciate some tips, if you have found out some that work better. Many thanks, this was a very interesting class as I most likely will be working with basketball players as well!
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Great class mentor, I loved the grip variation in the supine arms, makes a huge difference on using your back muscles. And the single knee stretch with torso stabilization, that's a tough one.
I have learned so much from you in person and online and so very greatful for everything,
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Love love love this! Learn by doing. Great insight on working with longer bodies. Thank you thank you. Quick question - glute med exercise was the supporting leg, right?
As always, I enjoy your workouts Troy. This was a little bit tough to do on my own because I didn't have anyone to help me with the stretches. Other than that, great class!
Valya Karcher
This was a hit with my female clients! I'm "translating" this workout for my male client who prefers Cadillac/Tower because I don't want him to miss out on the fun. Any suggestions for alternatives to the Short Box gluteal work (leg presses) would be most appreciated :)
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Fun class! Enjoyed learning more about working with taller clients. Thank you.
So glad to see you back on here! Always makes me feel like I am back home taking another awesome class. See you this summer!
He is talking about men's athletic bodies and using a women student. Seems detached and difficult to follow. It would be nice to see what he is talking about.
Thanks Alison for the comment!
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