Cardio Interval Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2916

Cardio Interval Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2916

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I love when you have new jump board classes Amy! This is another great one. Quick question - I'm using an Aeropilates and find the different cord systems hard to translate. Could you give an approximate equivalent to your cord system - for instance, if you are on 2 reds, what would that mean in terms of bungees? Keep these classes coming! I love them!
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I always love your workouts, Amy. Thank you!
Thank you happy you like this new jumpboard class. Tanya: It's fairly similar.....two springs on this Reformer I used about the same as two cords. I would also simply suggest that you/a person experiments with the cord settings and make the decision to use what feels best for you for the particular exercise being given.
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Loved this workout. Lots of fun.
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Fun! Love to use the jump board! Thank-you for the great class!
Myriam Kane
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Thanks for the great workout, Amy...perfect way to end my day! Although my view was slowly falling snow on skylights in lieu of ocean. :)
Thank you ladies!!
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Loved loved loved this! Thank you!
Oksana P
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LOVED the class! Thank you!
Thank you Kim and Oksana!!
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