Quad Lengthening Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2943

Quad Lengthening Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2943

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Loved the pace of this class. Even though it was only a few reps per exercise, the steady pace allowed me time to do them without feeling rushed! I feel like I've grown taller ??
I also really liked the pace of this class- it kept moving but the rush was never there. I loved the classic work - it had been a while for a couple of those and I feel re inspired! Thank you, Amy.
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Oh I love semi-circle! That was great!
Gals...thank you so much for these comments!! :)
Feel good class. Thank you :)
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Juicy! Lovely pace. Thanks so much, Amy.
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Great workout with some excellent queues which I will try to use. Thanks
Thank you AnnS and Helen .... I appreciate your comments very much! Enjoy!
Paola Maruca
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so lovely to 'work out with you this morning" Amy. Loved the pace. Monday is always 'hard' for me. Thank you for making it more pleasant.
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Love this class with a few nuances that I can add to my own reformer work x
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