Biotensegrity in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2944

Biotensegrity in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2944

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Tahmour B
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I'm "Larkamed" and I like it! Mmmm medial hip glides and rotations! How delicious. Thanks for another great class. I still stick my tongue out on the hard ones. 

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That was amazing.  I am a Melt Method instructor too and this combines the Melt moves with the reformer.  I loved it.  I did it in 2 parts and my sacrum and lower back really felt stretched and opened by all the side splits. Many thanks
Florence P
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What a wonderful connected class. I loved the way you bring us to use the force to distribute to the body to move. It's a real play for proprioception in interception. Thank you!!
Stacey G
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So fun to watch and engaging!  Thank you EL!

Linda S
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absolutely amazing. Being a therapist and studying fascial planes in addition to having issues- I loved everything about this class. THANK YOU
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Loving all the fascial work!  The cueing was brilliant and I feel like a million bucks. Thank you 
Tahmour B
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Thanks I love this class, and have taken it a few times... and today I tried the arm work on with the roller without the shoulder rests in - is that the idea? Holy that was a RIDE!!! Will try it on the OOV next... Yep. Once again I've been Larkam-ed. (And thanks Norris I enjoy seeing you laugh at the jokes!)
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This was amazing!  I felt a little grip  deep in my piriformis.  I reset my foot and magic!  Relief!  Thank you!  Amazing lesson.  I always enjoy your coaching. 🙏🏼❤️
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Thank you for sharing your amazing insights.
Love it all.
KIM Hye Kyung
Elizabeth Lakam Hello, I am a therapist who is doing fasciotherapy and pilates in Korea. My name is Hye Kyung Kim. 
Your Biotensegrity Pilates is very interesting. But the Tensegrity Pilates approach is very difficult. 
I am studying hard while watching your video, but I wonder if you are doing it properly.
I will study hard until the day you come to Korea. Please come to Bonum Pilates as soon as possible! 

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