Biotensegrity in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 2944

Biotensegrity in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2944

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Wow! What a gorgeous teacher. Thank you for igniting hunger for new knowledge, showing me that there is always more. Lovely outfit, amazing knowledge and supercool humor!
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Elizabeth, I am so pleased that you're back on PA and can't wait to do this obsessive compulsive class tonight! You always inspire me. All the detailed tweeks make ALL the difference, especially when explained as you so charmingly do.
Thank you Karien and Terri! I so appreciate you starting the comments. Huge gratitude to the phenomenal Pilates Anytime team. Their talent, professionalism and dedication to perfection with the overhead shots and split screen editing make this detailed class easy to follow.
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Elizabeth this was very creative and challenging as always. I really appreciate your humor. I a wondering if you would ever substitute the OOv for the foam roller sequences as it would also provide the three dimensional challenge to fascial vectors.
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This was stunning! Thank you!
Great to hear from you Lynn! Sounds as if you also are keeping up with creative challenges. Yes, I agree that the Oov works well as a platform for the supine arm exercises. My clients love that option since the Oov is such a fascia-friendly environment. I prefer not to use the Oov for 'feet in straps' as there is a tendency to brace with the neck and head, even with a head cushion.
I am eagerly looking forward to staring my sequences with this (and these upcoming) classes Elizabeth! Emailing you soon...
Can't wait to hear about your discoveries Amy! It will be good to continue the conversations we started during the filming. And plan a movement festival in San Francisco.
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A stunning class. So much new for a surprising application of (it seemed) a very familiar reformer!
That is just incredible, Elizabeth. You are so inspiring Teacher. Thank you so much!
Another super class - I hope I'll get to do a version of it one early morning in London soon? POT? It's always better in person! Loved having the second camera - what a difference it makes to getting the setup and alignment right!
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