Prenatal Reformer Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 2954

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Thank you Leah for all your wonderful beaming energy! This was partly a little difficult with the positions, but that depends on the type of reformer and body-length etc. But I recommend everybody to stay with it because it really is a fun workout. I especially loved the standing part at the end with the great stretches! My hips loved it!
Thank you Leah for this beautiful and creative class. Your cues were clear and easy to follow. All the best to you!
I love and enjoy everything you do. Thanks so much Leah.
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Hi Leah Stewart! I'm 32 weeks pregnant, I'm a Pilates teacher and I'm doing my stuff every day. This class is amazing! It is gentle but you can feel the work, the stretches, the opening that's happening in your body. I'm going to repeat this class a lot until the birth day. Congratulations and thank you to share it!
Amazing! Thankyou! This is for all of us!
Cant wait to share it all around!
An absolutely gorgeous class and gorgeous Leah! Thank you
Hi Leah, i teach a pre natal class but the reformers are low ones. Can this be modified to teach with a long box on?
Thank you all for the wonderful feedback about this class. Sudha N - go ahead, experiment with the long box and give it a try - I haven't done it myself, but I think it may work with some adjustments.
Hi Leah, I really like your pregnancies series and your cues are amazing and clear. Is there any tip or red flag to pregnant on their 6 months doing bridge (on reformer)?
Really amazing Leah!
When you come back?!
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