Foam Roller Stability<br>Kyria Sabin<br>Class 2957

Foam Roller Stability
Kyria Sabin
Class 2957

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Loved this class, thank you!
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I loved the flow and the calmness of the cueing. Beautifully executed..thank you!!
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Great great class! Love the roller and towel work together. So cool for shoulder and balance work! Love the calm and precise cuing.
More of this please
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Kyria, you are one of my favourite on Pilates anytime ! I love your classes ! Thank you and to Pilates Anytime !!!!
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Fletcher class allows movers, of all ages, to find the deeper core muscles, to successfully challenge themselves to a higher level of performance.
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Yummy! Just what my body needs! I will use this one a lot!
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Great way to work in balance in another way, thanks so much!
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Excellent class! I loved the smooth, clear cues and expansion of the upper body and opening the shoulders. Great use of the
roller and towel!!
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Some nice stretches for upper body, not keen on thoracic curl ups with roller at shoulder blades as there seemed more neck work and stress on neck than the usual stretches with head supported in hands. Find the noisy breathing unnecessary and annoying
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A lot of work with few movements. Really wakes up the shoulders and arms. Also a balance challenge for me. Interesting class with the roller and towel. Thanks
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