Foam Roller Stability<br>Kyria Sabin<br>Class 2957

Foam Roller Stability
Kyria Sabin
Class 2957

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Thank you for that lovely class! I loved the cueing and the sequencing. So enjoyable!
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Wow that certainly challenged my balance. Great class

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Very creative and challenging yet relaxing
Rosemary Garland
Awesome class and use of the roller with the towel!! Great cues
nice class, however compared to the other level 2/3 classes on PA, I believe this class should be labeled as a level 2. Cheers!
Don't have fletcher towel, used yoga strap instead, it worked. thank you, good class, calming voice.
Marta M
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I was watching this class again, really amazing!thank you Kyria
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Thank you Kyria for another great class, I'm really enjoying my Fletcher journey and it's been great to be able to do classes directly with you on PA 😊
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Wonderful class. I've just done it for the 3rd time. Learning so much here. Thank you!
Anahita S
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I always enjoy his classes
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