Optimize Your Home Practice<br>Brent Anderson<br>Tutorial 2967

Optimize Your Home Practice
Brent Anderson
Tutorial 2967

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Thank you Brent this is inspiring!
Movement as meditation, thank you for your knowledge and sharing it
thankyou for the inspirational comments at times I have felt like why am I doing this thank you for reminding me what I love about pilates
Lina S
Thank you for your inspiring words. It's good to remind ourselves of the why we move so we can convince others and be a role model.
Thank you for these inspiring tips !!! See you soon on Polestar event in Monaco !!!
Thank you Brent! I always thought of meditation as being still and focussing on my breath, I didn't realise that I was actually meditating while focussing on a single task, including Pilates.
Thank you! Simple message & very powerful points!
Tricia D
I have had 3 hip surgeries and I’m hyper mobile with autoimmune issues. Finding a wholistic recovery program has been tricky. I often struggle with an at home movement practice because I end up hurting myself. I meet with a private Pilotes trainer once a week . Due to social distancing, all I currently have is an at home option. My trainer recommended Pilotes Anytime and your classes. They have been a game changer. I now have an anywhere anytime rehabilitative practice. I cannot express how much this helps. Thank you so much 😊 
Dear Tricia, I can't tell you how happy this makes me.  Please enjoy and be safe.
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