Cardio Reformer Burst<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 298

Cardio Reformer Burst
Amy Havens
Class 298

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I agree Laura and glad you found this class enjoyable. Rhythm is a large part of what I love to......the toss, the return, the heartbeat and breath....all so wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to comment!
Please continue to make more workout videos like this one. It is quick, efficient and really does target the areas you said it would.
Hi Tiffany, a very similar class was just put up about a week or two ago. It was a jumpboard/ball class with some other fun things! You may like that one too....hope so....let me know!!
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What a delicious cardio workout. Thank you.
Glad you liked it Isabella !!
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Another great jumpboard class! Thanks for these shorter jumpboard classes Amy. In addition to being a great cardio workout for me, your use of different props keeps it all fun and interesting. I like that I can do cardio for about 20 mins then later follow up with another class (tonight was Jennifer Golden Zumann’s foam roller class.).

Thanks so much for your creativity and excellence!
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Can't believe I have not seen this class before as I love my jump board and its possibilities for great cardio. Thanks Amy for your  clear precise cues.
You're welcome Caroline B !!

Adding this to my playlist….loved it!
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