Cardio Reformer Burst<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 298

Cardio Reformer Burst
Amy Havens
Class 298

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So much fun, Amy! Some lovely diversions to straight jump board work. Many thanks
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Thank you Layla! I love the jumpboard and play with new ideas all the time. I'll have more soon....this was just the beginning! :)
Loved it! I will incorporate the ball into my next jump board class.
Lovely to hear your cueing and enjoy your creative jump board workout! Thanks Amy. Looking forward to more.
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Thanks Amy and Mandy! I too am looking forward to offering more jumpboard workouts. I'll get working on some, enjoy!
this class is just too fun Amy, been awhile since i been on jumpboard. Q? I am 5'6" and have a BB reformer. I ususally leave gear bar on 2nd postion. Noticed with jumpboard tho that I felt kind of crammed in. Did u use a BB reformer here?
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Hi Jamie, yes, all of my equipment is Balanced Body. What I suggest to my taller students/clients is to not expect to come all the way in to the bumper necessarily, but rather to pay attention to their foot contact and make sure to land toe, ball, arch, heel and then stop! The taller folks (are those with shorter achilles tendons) sometimes will let those heels lift back up when attempting to make it all the way in, but I stress to them that it's not about's about the quality of the landing and safety in the ankle and knee joints. It can actually becomes more specific of a jump or take off from that point too requiring deep contraction of the gluts to initiate allowing the quads, calves and feet to then follow suit. I'll remember to touch on this in the next jumpboard class and bring in a taller student to do class with me. Thank you for the question!
loved this class! Great workout for a short amont of time.
Thank you Miss Amy! I love the jumpboard and I am always looking for new choreography!
Thank you Pauline....yes, it's a good little burst of cardio if short on time! And thank you Miss Marta! Yes, I think we're all happy to see new choreography from time to time!! Glad you liked it!
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