HIIT Reformer Fusion 2
Courtney Miller
Class 2986

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I LOVED this class. I always love your classes, the clear cues, the flow, the creativity and the athleticism (there's no end to your creativity). Thank you for an amazing class ! I did this one out of order so looking forward to the other 2 ;)
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AWESOME!!! Love your classes...cant wait for number 3. thank you!!!!
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Loved and hated it! Thank you, Courtney, can't wait for #3!
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I loved this class! Love the idea of doing Pilates plus getting my cardio out of the way at the same time! I am SO loving your classes and appreciate the creativity of them. It makes reformer class so versatile and always fresh! Thanks so much!
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Well that was pretty amazing. I had problems with the strap on my back foot in quadruped..... just couldn't get myself arranged but I will work on it. Felt like I had too much slack. Can you tell me what the class number is of the first class in the series
Hello Friends! This class was so much fun to film, and these workouts are still my go to, 3x/week formats. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying them as well :) Connie on my home reformer, I keep my straps pretty short... when the loops are hooked onto the back pegs (Allegro 2) the ropes are taught. That is what works best for me in that series. You also have the keep your femur (thigh bone) lifted to keep tension throughout the sequence. I hope that helps! You guys seriously make my day!! Thank you for being so fabulous! Xx
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Amazingly awesome! I absolutely loved this class. I really liked the way you incorporated some of the exercises from your workshop into the flow! I can't wait to do the reverse cardio push back lunge, and the hamstring work in the short straps! Thank you for giving those of us that teach an athletic style of Pilates a voice!
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awesome as always Courtney Miller but definitely the most playful I have ever seen you. Loved it. I laughed so many times at all of your antics, sound effects and little jokes and snorts.
You are at your absolute best :)
YAB-A-DAB-A-DO! Thanks Courtney..
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What a great workout! I love the creativity, the flow, and the HIiT intervals. Can't wait for the next one in the series!
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