HIIT Reformer Fusion 3<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2988

HIIT Reformer Fusion 3
Courtney Miller
Class 2988

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Courtney, this was my favorite of the 3. Loved the vinyasa flow warm up. I mean, how fun was that?! Loved the creativity throughout, and it's always so nice to be a student. As teachers, if we don't continue to receive, we can't possibly give.Thank you for the time, effort and inspiration you put into these online classes.
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A gift :)))))) cannot wait to try this in the afternoon. Please continue to these series or similar HITT programs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Fabulous! Love the increased heart rate! ❤️
Awesome class...awesome series!
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Courtney your creativity is definitely a gift! Not only in these 3 series but also in all of your classes you create these fun but challenging excercise sequences! I loved the 3 workouts you just filmed, thanks for sharing your energy and knowledge!
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Courtney you are so beautiful to watch, you make the movements flow and your technique is just wonderful. I love all of your classes and you inspire me to be a better Pilates Teacher every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️
Another great class! You are truly inspiring. Thank you
Wow. Creative. Challenging and amazing. Made me sweat. Lol. Loved it. Thank you Courtney Miller :))))
Very creative use of the reformer. It is never-ending. I loved the flex band variations. I also loved the leg strap sequence.
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I've loved all 3 of this series Courtenay...as a teacher I've been challenged to work hard and I've also got lots of fresh ideas for my students. The concept of HIIT interspersed with flow work on a reformer is brilliant and works so well! Please do some more!
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