HIIT Reformer Fusion 3<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2988

HIIT Reformer Fusion 3
Courtney Miller
Class 2988

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You are one of my favorite instructors to watch. Your cues are so clear!! Love your technique!!!
Great workout! I love getting a cardio workout while doing Pilates!
Brilliant! Great ideas
loved this one the most. Especially the four point kneeling on the carriage. This is how I teach...using the reformer to get the heart rate up with intervals and you've just given me SO many more ideas. THANK YOU!
I just watched and took notes - can't wait to try this later today - very clear and good ideas for clients thanks!!
This is going to be a weekly event for me. All 3 classes 3 days in a row. I love the flow of the 3 classes. Thank you
Another great class. Creative, challenging, and so much fun. Love all the oblique work. Thanks, Courtney!
Patricia S
That was awesome!! Thank you for helping new moms get back in shape and keeping Pilates fresh and fun!
Such a great series and so creative... as usual! Thank you!!
This is by far my favourite of the series of three. I teach a HIIT Pilates on a regular basis and I have loved seeing this on Pilates Anytime!!! This one in particular!!! Thank you for offering some more power to all of us!
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