Eclectic Reformer Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3000

Eclectic Reformer Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3000

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Thank you Amy. As always it felt great:)
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Fab work out, nice and slow with great cueing!!!
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This just became my new favorite workout. Thanks for such a great class that incorporates the spine corrector. The footwork series at the beginning was fantastic too.
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That was awesome! Your cues for grasshopper were great! I even loved the basic footwork, The challenge on single leg, of having one in external rotation and in one parallel. Very good mind-body connecting there. Thank you so much Amy! always so happy to see your classes! And I too saw the Mari Windsor caption "just move". Xoxo
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Love you and your classes..thank you Amy!!
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Creative approach:)
Michele M
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What a beautiful practice. Loved the spine corrector on the Reformer, esp to open the hips! Will do this again and with clients. Thank you Amy!:)
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Beautiful as ever! Your cuing and execution are so wonderful to hear and watch and your spirit and love of movement is absolutely felt throughout your class.
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Love using the Pilates Arc on the reformer!! Beautiful class! Thank you:)
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Love your creativity Amy.
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