Overball Extension
Meredith Rogers
Class 301

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Nice challenge!  Really enjoyed some of the creative variations - looking forward to adding them to my classes!
Axinja thanks!  This is one of my very first classes!!  
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Loved the class! Fantastic workout! Loved the energy of everyone in the class as well.. Thank you 🙏🏻 Meredith 😘
Thanks Kylie P!!  This is when we were JUST getting started!
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Dear Meredith, absolutely love the Class. Was a little challenging but with practice - I am sure it will be much easier... Thank You very much
Natalia K indeed! Keep practicing...it will never be easy but it will certainly get easier!!
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Yay feel so good after this one! All the lengthening was perfect for me after being on an airplane yesterday. As always, any classes with the overball are an A+ !!
Thank you Marissa !
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