Overball Extension
Meredith Rogers
Class 301

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love that kandis :))!
very challenging class! i loved the combinations of overball back exrecises at the end! boy my back was so working! thank you so much
Tough class, thanks!!
I really love how you guys use the ball during half rolldowns (beginning of class) to access true lumbar articulation. It makes it so much easier to flex through this area (or at least get the feel for it)!
I loved your class, was not easy. very good instructions. thanks so much. I saw kristi in the class too. love your programe. blanche.
Thank you for the feedback ladies! Its always great to hear what you enjoy!
I am a Pilates instructor in Houston and LOVE your classes Meredith! I'm always looking for new routines and you give me great ideas with very clear and precise instruction in a fun lighthearted manor. Thank you!!
Thanks Lauren! It means a lot to me to be reaching people from so far away!
Loved the class, thanks Meredith!
My pleasure Annie!
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