Rib Movements<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 3014

Rib Movements
Madeline Black
Tutorial 3014

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Really helpful and informative. Thank you so much!
What a great way to explain all that. So useful and informative..One of the many reasons I love Pilates Anytime. Thank you!!
Such an eye opener! I love the way you explain such intricate movement in a way that is so clear. Your classes always inspire me to want to dig into anatomy books. Thank you for your wonderful work!
Very important Thank You
Always look forward to your classes on PA! Appreciated seeing the diferent rib movements on different people. Thanks for all you do!
This is wonderful. Moving within the architecture of your own body. Love it! Thank you so much.
Great tutorial!
I especially loved seeing a variety of demonstrations. It was an incredibly useful and effective tool to demonstrate your point. Worth much more than 1,000 words!
Really enjoyed learning about the intricacies of rib and thoracic spine movement. I am especially intrigued by the link to walking and lumbar/pelvic pressure. Will definitely be paying attention to this in my body.
Thank you Madeline! Love your classes 💕💕
This has definitely heightened my awareness of the differences in my clients thoracic mobility.
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