Julie Lanocha

I'm a Pilates Teacher in Sacramento California. I moved to Sac from New Hampshire in 2013. I was inspired to become a teacher for many reasons but these 3 in particular: my horse and my parents. My horse because when I started my own Pilates practice my riding improved dramatically and quickly. It was clear how the method improved my strength, balance and awareness in a very short period of time. My parents inspire me because they unfortunately never found a movement practice they could embrace. Now in their 80s, they struggle with aches and pains and simple human movment like getting up out of a chair and getting up and down off the floor. I feel priveleged to have learned with some truly gifted teachers and am dedicated to teaching others how healthy movement can be a lifelong habit.


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About me

I'm: a Woman
Where I Live: Sacramento CA
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Yoga (Occasionally), Cycling - Outdoor (Occasionally), Swimming (Most days), horseback riding (Most days), Walking (Daily)

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Years of Pilates Experience: 17
Practice Frequency: Most days

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Balanced Body - Comprehensive (2015)
Kane School - Mat (2011)

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