Full-Body Mat<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Class 3019

Full-Body Mat
Kevin Bowen
Class 3019

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This video stops after 3 minutes
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Only 2 min 45 seconds are uploaded. Sure like the way it started. Eager to see the rest!
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Joni and Kristy ~ We are sorry that this video is stopping. We have notified our programmers and it should be fixed soon.
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Me too ! Loved the 2minutes or so that I did though ! Looks like it's going to be worth the wait :)
Rina S
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I absolutely loved this class. What I found so unique about it was the prep before each exercise. I am guessing it was a type of fascia prep, but I don't know. All I know is that it enabled me to achieve much more than I would have otherwise.
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Loved this smooth well paced workout. Great Job! Thank you, Kevin. It leaves you feeling energized!
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Kristy, Joni, and Josie ~ The video is fixed and you should be able to see the full class in all video qualities. I hope you enjoy it!
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....Loved it ! Thank you :)
Lina S
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I like the mix of stretch and strength. Thank you!
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I feel like I have an amazing posture at the end of the class.. w o w !!
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