Full-Body Mat<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Class 3019

Full-Body Mat
Kevin Bowen
Class 3019

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Kevin Bowen
I appreciate all of the positive comments on this class. I need to recognize my inspiration for some of the moves and the foot warm-up - the one and only Stacie Lei Krauss and the willPower method!
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Great class, it was amazing, thank you!..:))
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Love it, love it, love it!!!
Jacqui O
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Really wonderful workout love the flow, along with bit of yoga poses as well. One of my favourites. Thanks.
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Thank you for this wonderful class! I love the use of the theraband as part of the moves!
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Love it! This one is going into the regular rotation! Thanks!
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thank you so much for the class! its feel like 5 minutes... not 45 ! great pace! great class
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Loved the loosening and rotating -nice shift from a regular pilates class. Also liked the lightness and ease in Kevin's presence.
Wow!!!!!!! Loved this movement class, great workout for shoulders arms in standing. Loved the footwork. Tough to keep moving but lots of fun and original ideas
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