Vertebro Manubrium Region<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 3020

Vertebro Manubrium Region
Madeline Black
Tutorial 3020

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So interesting and immediately set off thoughts of manual manipulations that osteopaths use, as well, cues and exercises that Elizabeth Larkham has created to help people access this area via the fascia. I often cue the collar bones when I see my clients see restricted. It's quick and effective.
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It is so useful to see this again and have the reference. It is really helping me to become more aware of these smaller movements which I hadn't been able to notice before - thank you so much Madeline. :)
Madeline Black
It is wonderful Lynn that the tutorial stimulated you, thank you for your comment. The human body is designed to move in a certain way so osteopathic work and many other movement specialists create ways to access our ability and potential to move well. Cross over is always present.
Madeline Black
Each time I sit or move with another teacher, it is always an opportunity to hear and feel the body again and again. Philippa keep on experiencing!
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Thank you, Madeline Black I can see that I need to do much more of this hands on work and you have opened my eyes to being braver about getting more of this kind of experience. I feel excited about how much I am learning and have hope that seeing these things in bodies is not beyond me as I had once thought! I just need to practice! Thank you.
I loved this, Madeline Black! I never considered the hyper-mobile factor of the upper traps and how more movement there might actually be beneficial to shoulder and neck tension. Thanks for this great tutorial.
Thank you Madeline. Loved this focus. I can apply it to most of my clients. Your movement patterns to relieve neck tension and enhance ROM during rotation were fabulous! I am grateful for this website and your many contributions.
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Thank you Madeleine
Amazing as usual, I learn so much from you and the focus on hyper mobile traps, never considered this !
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Thank you for another thoughtful and clearly presented tutorial. I am very grateful for your contributions to PilatesAnytime! ❤️
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Extremely well explained as always, in today's world I feel few of us escape these mobility problems. Thank you Madeline
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