20 Minute Abs<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3029

20 Minute Abs
Amy Havens
Class 3029

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Emer D , it's ok!  The good news about all the classes on this site is you can take them anytime you want, right?! Glad you enjoyed the class and the challenge!
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Hi Amy, Pilates is such a great way to feel the body and especially to feel good I love your way of teaching, your ways of exploring the traditional exercises and mixing them up. Thanks and greetings from Germany!
Thank you so much Birgit N !!!  
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Great class to come back to when short on time 
Kerry H yes, thank you!!  Short and sweet and gets things done.  Glad this is a go to for you!
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Loved this class and any workouts with the overball! I paired this with #3031 and I feel excellent.  Thanks, Amy!
Great pairing Marissa !!  Thank you for taking classes with me!
Had limited time to exercise so was Pulled this from my favourites queue and was able to squeeze this in before dinner
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