20 Minute Abs<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3029

20 Minute Abs
Amy Havens
Class 3029

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Love it 💕
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Cool class. I am liking the way this class builds on the previous one.
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Thank you Ewa and Vanessa ! Yes, each class builds on the previous one, a progression of sorts! So happy you're both here with me!
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My abs thank you.
Tais challenge is really exciting ! The first two classes gave me a feeling of "freshness". Isn't it possible to take two classes by day ? I'll have to travel without possibility of training before 8 days, and I'm sorry to have to interrupt the challenge...
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Evelyn ~ Unfortunately these videos can only be unlocked one at a time. If you are interested in doing more than one per day, you can try repeating a class and then adding the new one after or you can supplement with another one of Amy's classes. I hope this helps!
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AB solutely fabulous Amy!! My abs are sore but happy now!! Thank you!!
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Great ab work . . Thanks Amy!
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Loved this! My abs were burning! 😀
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Loved it. Thanks so much
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