Head and Neck Mechanics<br>Colleen Glenn-Wilson<br>Tutorial 3044

Head and Neck Mechanics
Colleen Glenn-Wilson
Tutorial 3044

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Thank you for this Colleen! As a teacher who struggles with neck tension theres a lot here for me to put into practice. The patterning of the head lift and where your head is in space in the roll up will be something I will not only be implementing my self but requiring of my students.
Excellent video, Colleen.So succinct and clear. I love the use of the prop under the shoulder.I learned this concept in Feldenkrais many years ago
Thank you so much Colleen, Where can i get the cushion you used?
Agnes V
Lovely tutorial! Thank you!
Thanks, great information. I have quite a few clients this will help.
Fabulous tutorial. Clear, concise and informative. Thank you, Colleen Wilson
Angela Thanks so much for your comments and I do really want to hear how it all goes when you apply the information. Have a great Saturday
Susan Hello! The cushion used was a bean bag, or grain bag that was at the Pilates Anytime studio. I don't recall who's it was, the manufacturer. However, you can use any type of cushion, even a pillow as long as you shorten the ROM from the mat. Make sense? Glad you watched and got something out of the tutorial.
Jackie Hi Jackie, let me know how it helps your clients. It would mean a lot to me! Thanks for watching!
Agnes Hi Agnes! So glad you like my tutorial.
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