Head and Neck Mechanics<br>Colleen Glenn-Wilson<br>Tutorial 3044

Head and Neck Mechanics
Colleen Glenn-Wilson
Tutorial 3044

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Dawnna Wayburne Hi Dawanna, There are simple truths about how the body works which are seen and learned in somatic modalities and, applying them to our Pilates practice in a seamless and practical way is key! Immediate translations are beautiful. Thanks!
Vanessa Hi Vanessa,
Please let me know how this works for you personally, I love to know. Also, alignment and balance in the shoulder girdle can help with the head mechanics in our Pilates work. Thank you for watching my tutorial!

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Thank you! I so appreciate the precision and wonderful cueing and visuals
I found this toturial was truly helpful and valuable when I got to address the neck issues for my clients. Thank you so much for both PA and Colleen.
Chloe, thanks for you comment I really appreciate it. Using our necks incorrectly while practicing Pilates can cause a lot of complications and turn people off to doing this work. So glad you got value. What are some of the clients ' comments since you incorporated these ideas/techniques? It would be awesome to hear. And, PA is great isn't it?
Indeed, PA is just like a big Pilates family (community) where “Pilates lovers” support and help each other. The diversity of the resources are endless. Thank you so much PA. I have a new senior client who has a pretty stiff neck. It will be interesting to see if I could apply some of the cueing in her sutiation.
Thanks Again Colleen.
Raechka S
Thank you! Clear cues and tactile commands. I`ve enjoyed how it`s working with clients!
I really love this tutorial, - so glad that I found it! I have so many clients with neck issues or headaches who are stuck in fear to lift their head from a supine position, and I will definately use your cues and your encouragement! I also love your personalty, your pace, and spirit and hope you do more workshops at PA!
Thank you for your comments, I'd like to do more on PA with these short tutorials.

Let me know how it goes with your clients, I want to know. Remember too, that clients live in their fear of what they can and cannot do and this informs how they show up in a session. We are all human after all. Get them in the neck curl/head lift in other positions initially where gravity assists and teach them the position. Then put that movement against gravity in the supine position. Good luck and Happy New Year

I do have a lecture coming out but its not specific exercise reacted but more exercise history.
Re: Colleen's intro chat. She starred in the two   Institute for the Pilates Method MINI-Reformer videos in 1994 before Romana and Sean started legal action.  She was  an  Institute teacher -- NOT a Romana robot. as she suggests. 
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