Short and Sweet Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3072

Short and Sweet Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3072

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So wonderful! this was my 1st workout on my new Stott reformer. Thanks for the great break in!
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Great class Sarah Bertucelli exactly what I needed today. Creative and challenging. Thank you :))
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This was an awesome, fast paced class. It is going to be one of my go-to workouts when I am short on time but want to get a lot done. I loved the reverse work you did on the reformer. The variations were unique and felt great on my body.
Great nice shortie Sarah
Awesome! More short and sweet is coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled.
Christie K
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Love this flow- especially the mermaid variations and focus on arm placement during chest expansion. Thank you Sarah!
Hi, I loved this video! I am new to using the reformer as I just got it last week. I have used it four days in a row - I am trying to listen to my body while pushing myself but I don't feel the burn the day after - am I doing something wrong? I figure if I am working hard, I would feel some muscle soreness following the workout but I do not feel sore. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your help!
John B
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Wow ! This one really called for some mind/ body connection(at least for me) Gotta try it again. Thanks
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Love this ..your amazing :)
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How did I not see this one before?! I love it, especially the mermaid variation!!!
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