Foam Roller Mat<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3073

Foam Roller Mat
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3073

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Thank you! A lovely, relaxing 15 minutes on the roller with new ideas and great cues. Thanks, Sarah, I really enjoyed this.
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This was great! We need a LOVE this button, instead of just a LIKE button! 😃
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You taught me some great new ways to use my foam roller. Thank you, Sarah.
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Thanks for this wonderful class! Wish the class was longer!
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Love! I love your mat classes and wish there were more :)
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Loved this, more ideas for this sort of thing on the foam roller
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I need to do this everyday! Awesome 😀
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I loved it! Thanks for sharing 😊
Thanks much! Perhaps I will film another foam roll class.
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This was just perfect - simple and learned a few new moves - loved the hamstring stretch! Thanks.
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