Foam Roller Mat<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3073

Foam Roller Mat
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3073

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Nada A
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I always love your classes, there's so much to learn from you. Please film more.
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I did enjoy it! Thanks!
This was a great class to do after your Zesty MST today. You have inspired me to add foam rolling to the last 10 minutes of some of my mat and barre classes. You are such a great instructor,
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Loved this one!
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Thanks Sarah. Short and sweet!
Paula M
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My spine feels so released after your class! Thanks Sarah!
Wonderful news Kathleen Henry...thank you!
Sue S
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Sarah Bertucelli Really enjoyed this class. Would love a full length class like this doing the whole body.
Hi Sue S!  Pleased you enjoyed this class.  I filmed 2 full length classes on foam roll last year in my garage studio during covid.  Foam roll fun : Class #4247  and Foam roll fun 2.0 Class #4260.  Hopefully they deliver what you desire! take care:) 

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