Additional Mat Abdominals<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 3087

Additional Mat Abdominals
Lisa Hubbard
Class 3087

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Lisa Hubbard
Sarah M oh I love reading this, I was hooked instantly as well! Thank you for sharing your feedback and keep up the great work, Teasers are HARD! TY!!
Liudmyla V
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A nice exercise combination. It felt to me like level 3/4, not 1/2.
10 minutes and the abdominals are on fire.
Lisa Hubbard
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Liudmyla V thank you for sharing your feedback with us! This is a good series of 10 minutes for the abs. Keep up the great work! 
Anna H
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This is incredible!!!  Loved this short sweet sweat session! 
Lisa Hubbard
Anna H thank you Anna! I just did this one yesterday too, quick and effective
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