Big and Wide Mat<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Class 3110

Big and Wide Mat
Jenna Zaffino
Class 3110

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Wonderful session! I feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. Would it be beneficial to add this to the end of almost any other pilates workout? Say, if I did a 45-5-60 min session, and felt like I needed some grounding and a stretch afterward, could I do this also?
Thank you !! :) Blessings to you.
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Loved the metaphorical focus Miss Jenna- initially was looking for a short intense workout but this was what I was craving- thank you. Nancy
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Oh thank you Jenna! That feeling of letting go and realizing there is more to let go than you think - feeling weight of the body and stretch. Just lovely. I love your classes so much! Thank you for being you and thank you to PA for having you!
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Thank you, Jenna! I have spent most of my life trying to be smaller so this is a great class for me! Plus it feels great!
Jenna Zaffino
Thank you Amanda Lutz Bonnie Julia Nancy You can imagine that this was a vulnerable one for me to put out in a world of "long and lean muscles." I'm so glad you liked it and hope you will embrace your space over the weekend! xo
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This really helped me tonight to calm down and feel grounded and settled after a day of stress and anxiety - PhD deadline approaching ((
Both the movements and your kind and warm and wise words really did me so good. Thank you!!!
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I have a hip and shoulder that "pop" when I move and they did at first but the further into the routine, the more they settled in to proper placement - voila - no more popping! Thank you...good stuff
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Feeling so good!
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That felt great! Thank you ❤️
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Thanks you Jenna Zaffino this was amazing just what I needed and I'm just in the process of doing my Fletcher training and can really feel my hips opening so will be doing this more often to help me with the advance Floorwork 😊😊
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