Mechanics of the Foot<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 3115

Mechanics of the Foot
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 3115

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So great tutorial Please for more. ❤️ thank You So much
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Really important information. I've learned a lot in the past year since being hobbled by plantar fasciitis. There is a lot of great work on this site that has been slowly helping me to heal and I appreciate all of it. I did Phillip Beach's class last week and was amazed at how much better my feet felt that day, I have put it into a weekly folder, but will actually try to do it even more often. Amy Havens, Niedra Gabriel, Miriam Kane and Elizabeth Larkham also have some great foot classes, and I am doing the work from them daily.

Thanks for this tutorial. Love your sense of humor too!
Thanks Lori!
Thanks Ewa!
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Lovely tutorial Ruth. I think Jack is a great name for the skeleton & I love the Pilates family connection. I call my skeleton Captain Jack (Sparrow) - I have that Pirates of the Caribbean scene in my head when they are all walking skeletons. I just need the pirate hat & hair!
Ha ha! Thanks Emily! I actually do believe in naming the skeletons, all joking aside, because if they're male it reminds the women to keep one degree of separation, to not identify too closely.
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So proud to be a part of the Pilates' community. You provide a constant source of science based practical knowledge!
Thank you
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Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. These are so helpful for teachers since we have been trained in many different disciplines. Loved it.
Thanks Kathleen and Lori! Glad it was useful
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Great info! Thank you
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