Mechanics of the Foot<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Tutorial 3115

Mechanics of the Foot
Ruth Alpert
Tutorial 3115

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Delightful presentation and great information! Loved the observation about the "bird on a perch" position. I can't wait to try this a the studio tonight. Thank you!
Thanks Kate! I'm glad you found my goofy-ness delightful... I always think afterwards that it could be obnoxious.... Let me know what you think/feel from trying it, I'd be curious to know.
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What a great tutorial. The discussion with respect to the arches was really interesting. I think it was stated in the fun facts that 1:3 of the bones of the body are in the feet. If we have 52 foot bones (from our total of 206), the proportion would be 1/4 (not 1/3)? It's still fascinating that a quarter of our bones are in the feet.

PS. If I've misheard or misunderstood, my apologies. I have a 3 week old daughter and am still dreaming of 3 hours straight sleep!
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Thanks David - thanks for your comments, and good correction. I make jokes about Googling things, but still take what I read as fact, at face value too often.

Congratulations on your daughter! Hope she grows into a good sleeper...
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Ruth this was very informative and I agree that the feet are the key to our posture. I will check out the recommendations given. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
Thank you Avishag!
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thanks for the laughs while talking about feet, of all things lol
thank you for your wisdom!
Thank you Heidi ! Glad you got my humor...
I too appreciated the sense of humour (such a great asset to have as a teacher, I think), and found the images early on in the tutorial really helpful, particularly the one about the waiter with the huge stack of plates. Thanks!
Thanks Liz.  I'm wondering if the waiter image with the stack of plates is relevant to younger people - it's an old image from the last century!  Glad you got it!
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