Foot Focused Warm Up<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Class 3117

Foot Focused Warm Up
Ruth Alpert
Class 3117

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I feel like you made me a personal tutorial! Thanks for all of your help!
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Thanks, that is a gtreat foot workout. I love your videos!
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I love your way, beautiful class.
Thank you
Thank you Lori! What a lovely compliment!
Thank you Jackie! I'm grateful that you "get" me!
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Thank you Enrique! Just in case you are coming to the PMA convention at the end of October, I'll be teaching a mat class there this year (I know, probably not likely, it's a long way to come...)
You are so cool Ruth, love your tutorials. Thank you very much, I have so many clients with thight and not mobile feet. They'll love it or hate Thank you
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Fantastic! Thank You!
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Very instructive. Thank you for the interesting metaphors and techniques.
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Thank you Ania Wojtera! It's really fun to film the tutorials - short and sweet and to the point - glad you like them. Yes, I agree, your clients will probably complain.... but the good thing about feet (unlike shoulders and necks) is that you can see and feel changes rapidly. Get them laughing and it'll go better!
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