Foot Focused Warm Up<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Class 3117

Foot Focused Warm Up
Ruth Alpert
Class 3117

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Thank you Carmen Molina Munera, and thank you Judy Cristiano. I'm grateful for your feetback and glad it's useful.
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Thank you so much for this, needed to do some more work for my feet and this was perfect will be doing this more often now and adding some of this into my classes to 😊
Thanks Darren, glad it was useful!
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Thank you, Ruth, - this was wonderful, - like always! - ,playful and needed!
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Thank you so much for all this wonderful information you kindly share with us, Ruth!!! I just did this foot workout after my cardio step - my second passion after Pilates :) - and my feet feel fantastic !!!! Best wishes from Cairo Egypt ....
Thank you Petra ! It makes such a big difference when feet feel good... poor feet, they get so little attention, we just shove them into shoes and expect so much from them! I am so thrilled by this Pilates Anytime worldwide availability - Cairo!! wow, how is life there?
Totally agree about our feet being shoved in shoes and forgotten until they hurt :) Mine woke up since Philip Beach and your lovely tutorials! Cairo is challenging but there has never been a boring day since I came to live in 2005. Come and visit and maybe we can organise a workshop weekend as there is quite a Pilates community in this 20 million inhabitants city and meanwhile also a few Pilates Studios of different Pilates schools!!!
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Petra I LOVE Philip Beach's work... do I mention that in the video, I forget now... I've done a weekend workshop and his visit to Pilates Anytime... hope he comes again! Oh my, I didn't know Cairo is a thriving pilates community... I do travel to teach, so if you have ideas to make it work, email me privately.
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I loved this class! My feet feel so much better now. Very clear teaching and original ideas.
Thank you Susanne! Happy feet!
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