Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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fantastic class! sad ex-runner with lots of hip issues and could use this work daily! more hip work like this please and thank you!
Fabulous class for (my) SI joint issues, thank you!
Nothing like a great hip workout to realize you have two sides to your body! Two. Loved it! Thanks!
This is a game changer. Thank you.
Loved the clear explanations and the sense of humor. Short and really nice, thankxxx!
Nice! Feeling my hips in a new way and will come back to this one!
awesome mobility of the low backl!!
That was an awesome class. Felt that but also felt so safe for my back. Great cueing.
Some lovely movements in this class. Thank you, Trent
My first time doing this was this morning. I have low back pain and could barely move. At the end of this class I feel like a new person! LOVE THIS!
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