Mat for Hips and Low Back
Trent McEntire
Class 3121

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Great class, love it! I’ve got sacroiliitis and this class makes my lower back feel much better
Thank you Trent!
Good class
Oh my Gosh,this was soo good! Love it. Thank you!
Perfect start to a day that will involve a lot of movement. Thanks!
This really worked. I experienced space and comfort in my lower back in a way I rarely to never do. Amazing. Thank you.
This is gold!My deep core muscles don’t like to fire with Gluteus medius, which has caused me lots of lower back and SI joint pain. This class will help to retrain my muscles. Perfet!
perfect short serie , hips and legs 🙏
My back and hips have been unhappy and this was just the thing I needed. Just the right amount of nourishment! Thank-you!
This was perfect, exactly what needed to open up hips and back. thank you
i have herniated disk and after doing this class my back feels great! Thank you Trent McEntire . I hope you have a workshop about back pain in future soon.  
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