Five Regrets<br>Cara Reeser<br>Discussion 3125

Five Regrets
Cara Reeser
Discussion 3125

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Beyond awesome conversation! As someone in her early 50s I now realize how quickly it all goes by. Blink and you miss it all. These are all important points for everyone to hear and embrace to nourish the whole person. Thanks very much!
Debora Kolwey
What fun to share this conversation with the two of you, knowing you both as I do. Cara, I will never forget the dance you choreographed with the recurring phrase, "this is how I feel about the possibilities". Neil and I still say it to this day. And, John, I only felt love and warmth and caring from you, (even without hugging) as you coached me toward my "Joe Talk". We DO always have the choice of which end of the pole we pick up and our bodies DO respond to love. Big hug to you both!!
When I first saw this photo, I thought Cara was talking to Sting!!!
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I love this conversation- continuous learning is definitely one area that Pilates Anytime helps me with. I love that feeling when we have learned a new way of teaching something, and the whole day whizzes by! Being British- well thats me too, but I am a girl -so maybe the feelings/hugging bit is easier!!
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I was interested in looking up the book Cara mentioned about touch - did anyone catch the reference? Thanks
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Great conversation! I remember back 15 years ago when I went from a full-time corporate job to part time so I could start to build my business. My parents were horrified at the fact that I was going to leave this corporate job. It was the best decision of my life and one I have never regretted. But I do remember at the time thinking I can't let my parents down. So many other things you talked about that really resonated with me. Such as, breaking up with a client or a class. I do have one particular client that I do believe I'm not helping anymore. And at 57, I no longer want to work Saturdays.... told myself this morning it's something that I need to figure out by the end of the year. Thank you so much for this great discussion. And yes!! John does bear a resemblance to Sting.
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Linda Touch is by David Linden. Thanks for watching.
Debora Kolwey BIG HUGS TO YOU BACK. I heart you.
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Loved this discussion, I left a nursing career to teach pilates and I have never looked back . My parents always said to me , whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. X and hug cara and Martin !!!
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