Five Regrets<br>Cara Reeser<br>Discussion 3125

Five Regrets
Cara Reeser
Discussion 3125

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I love all of these discussions between Cara and John. Thank you both for being so open and giving with your experiences and suggestions. I've watched all of the previous videos before/during the opening my own Pilates studio this last year and they have been so helpful in how I set up and run my business. Thank you and I can't wait to meet you in person one of these days!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am currently in transition to a full-time Pilates practice. My journey started almost 20 years ago. I love that I do not know everything, that the challenge to constantly grow will always be there. The directness and honesty, speaking up as things happen; what a wonderful topic. So much brain food here. I don't know either of you, but I am grateful and would give you both a bear hug (if you were comfortable;) ). Thanks to those of you commenting and sharing your own experiences. Nice to know I'm not alone.
Jennifer W
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Such a wonderful conversation! I love you Cara! I and grateful to have you with me on my journey! John, although we've met twice I don't really know you but I love all you do to contribute to our amazing community! Thank you both! xxoo
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So thrilled with this feedback. Ladies, thank you for sending these notes. Jen W, I will see you this week, so happy about that! xo
Really insightful and useful conversation thankyou! A lot of this resonates - I currently have a career 'portfolio' and am balancing what I call the 'mortgage job' with my Pilates business. Having a positive outlook is so important and also surrounding yourself with positive people. Robin Sharma is one of my current 'go to' favourites. Also with regard to moving on, I had a boss once who said that sometimes people simply need to be 're-potted' and I've always remembered this. There comes a time when you can't grow any more in a particular situation. Take the leap and do what you love:) Sarah, UK.
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